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Rock Tape


What is Rock Tape?

Rock Tape is type of sports tape but with better results! It is a rehabilitative and performance technique that supports muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints without impeding motion or activity. It can be used in both acute and chronic injuries to facilitate healing and recovery.

The elastic tape is latex free, durable and can be worn for several days (usually 3-5 days). It is suitable to wear in the water and does not come off with excessive perspiration. It holds up with our endurance athletes.

Taping techniques are suitable for all ages, a variety of orthopedic conditions, and all sporting activities.

Your certified physical therapist will determine which application would work best for you and your specific goals. There are several types of applications that can be utilized; if one type of application does not work, many other alternatives are available.

How Does Rock Tape Help?

Taping works by interfering with the pain receptors on your skin; the signals to your brain are altered and pain is significantly decreased or gone. Many people call it “magic tape”.

Taping can help to decompresses areas of swelling and inflammation. When the tape is applied to the skin, it creates a lifting effect to the underlying tissues. This promotes blood flow to facilitate healing and removal of the waste by-products of inflammation.

Taping can promote muscle performance. Depending on the direction and tension of the tape application, muscles can be facilitated or inhibited to promote muscle balance, improve recovery, and decrease muscle fatigue.

This type of tape does not inhibit motion like conventional athletic tape and braces. With its elastic properties, tape can be applied to joints, ligaments and tendons for support and force distribution to adjacent tissues. This can be used during the rehabilitation process, daily activities, and sports competition.

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