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Sports Specific Care

How can Athletic EDGE and Wellness HELP an ATHLETE?

Here at Athletic Edge and Wellness we understand and specialize in the treatment of the overhead throwing athlete. 

Throwing a ball is one of the most stressful and complicated movements in sports.  It requires the dynamic and coordinated muscular effort from head to toe.  Any problem or small change in mechanics can quickly lead to pain and injury. 

We take a multi-faceted approach that looks at the whole athlete not just the "injured body part".   Often an elbow problem has a shoulder component and a shoulder problem has an elbow component.  Furthermore, many ARM  problems have connections  to the LOWER BODY and CORE  that need to be identified and addressed. 

Our goal is to keep you throwing in some manner while you are healing   Often thrower's are told to "shut it down" (there are exceptions),  however, in many cases this old school mentality can further slow down an athlete's recovery and performance.  Rest from "abuse" is different than rest from "activity". The baseball season is short and intense in the Midwest, don't sit out more than you have to.

Not all physical therapists' posses the expertise in working with unique needs of  throwers.  Tossing a ball into a trampoline isn't  returning to throwing, nor is waiting until the last week of therapy to start throwing beneficial  for your return to real game intensity.  Understanding the biomechanics from the windup to ball release is imperative to  your injury, rehab, and  treatment plan.  As  a certified ON BASE UNIVERSITY PITCHING EXPERT and CHAMPION SPORTS PERFORMANCE SPECIALIST we have the expertise  help your thrower .   

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Baseball Therapy

  • 11 and Under

  • Youth 11-14

  • High School

  • College

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Softball Therapy

  • Shoulder Pain

  • Ankle Sprains

  • Knee Sprains / ACL Tears

  • Lower back, hip & thigh pain

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Rotator Cuff/ Labrum

Elbow-UCL injuries

Biceps Tendonitis


Throwing Assessment

  • Slow motion video analysis

  • Draw and track exact angles

  • Identify good form

  • Find areas for improvement

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Golf Therapy

  • Work on swing mechanics

  • Improve follow through

  • Build stability, strength & power

  • Increase indurance

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Infielders/Base Runners

Knee/Ankle Injuries

Hamstring Strains

Performance Arts

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