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How We Treat

Injury Assessment


Don't let pain chase you away from playing.

Let our Physical Therapists determine what is going on, an appropriate course of action, and further follow up.

Did you tweak or injure something and not sure what to do? (go to the doctor, get imaging)

Are you playing through the pain?  Thinking it will "go away" or are "just dealing with it"?

Did you go to a provider who just told you to rest or take some medication; only to find out that did not help?

Were you just handed a couple of exercises that didn't help or looked on You Tube for exercises based on a condition?

Thought Dr. Google had the answers to what was going on?

Not sure if physical therapy can help?

Want to avoid taking medications, having injections, or surgery?

Athletic Edge and Wellness will conduct a thorough history and interview of your symptoms, conduct a variety of tests and measures to determine what is going on, and determine the best treatment options for your problem. If needed, Athletic Edge and Wellness will be able to recommend and facilitate referral to the appropriate specialist.

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