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Physical Therapy in Algonquin, IL

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Illinois Baseball Edge - Partners with Athletic Edge and Wellness

1213 South Main Street
Algonquin, IL 60102

(847) 489-5527

​The Illinois Baseball Edge, Ltd. works with elite overhead throwing athletes 12-years old through the professional level using a personalized approach.  To deliver personalized training, we have to tailor our approach to YOUR unique needs. 

Our services are designed to create a baseline of where a player's current state (strength & mobility, velocity, control, etc.) and movement pattern begins, so that we can then demonstrate progress using player specific goals and development.  This is a key concept in that positive results should be both demonstrable and measurable for that individual player over time.  Once the baseline is understood, we create a plan that addresses your highest priority items. 

In any given year a player may need help with velocity, arm care, wake-up/warm-up, recovery, command, developing swing and miss "stuff", pitch design, or building a bigger motor through physical training and performance therapy.  These needs almost always change from season-to-season as players grow and develop throughout their career, which is why re-assessment is crucial. 

Our services are well positioned to adapt both to individual needs and to changes occurring in our sport over time.  Our company is dedicated to on-going continuing education for our staff to take advantage of breakthroughs as they occur in the areas of sports medicine, motor learning and skills acquisition, physical training, bio-mechanics, kinesiology, and coaching. 

1Top Prospect  - Partners with Athletic Edge and Wellness

1Top Prospect’s passion is helping high school and college students achieve their goals and dreams of making a college baseball team

We are a college baseball prospect placement service that provides personal attention to a student-athlete on their recruiting journey. We help families and their student-athlete navigate through the difficult college recruiting process. With our experienced Recruiting Coaches, we are dedicated to finding the right fit for the player, both athletically and also academically.


Unlike other recruiting services, we take a personal approach to recruiting starting from day one and continue to when the student-athlete signs their National Letter of Intent with a college.


We are unique in that we coach our families through the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) government college site, help the student-athlete with the college application process, set up college visits (prep the student prior to the visit), walk through the NCAA/NAIA Clearing House/Eligibility site, plus mentor the student-athlete with goals and grades.


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