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How We Treat

Sports Recovery


Sports Recovery 

Sports recovery refers to the physiological and psychological processes that help an athlete to restore their body and mind to pre-competition levels. These processes aid in repairing tissue damage, replenishing energy stores, and reducing fatigue. This helps to facilitate overall well-being, enhance performance, and prevent injury.

An athlete's ability to recover from intense physical activity plays a critical role in both optimizing short term and long term performance and preventing injury.

There are 3 types of recovery in sports: active, passive, and long term recovery. 

Active Recovery

Active Recovery involves engaging in low intensity exercise or movement that promotes blood flow and aids in the removal of metabolic waste or lactic acid. This type of recovery is beneficial for decreasing muscle soreness, restoring/maintaining mobility, and restoring energy balance. Individualized exercises maybe prescribed based on the athlete's pattern of movement. 

Passive Recovery

Passive Recovery entails complete rest or limited activity, allowing the body to recuperate naturally without any additional physical stress. This type if recovery is essential for tissue repair, immunity, and mental clarity. Passive recovery may also include manual techniques; massage, myofascial release, and 

Long Term Recovery

Long Term Recovery refers to schedule periods of reduced training load or volume to complete rest. These periods are incorporated in the athlete's training program to prevent overuse or burnout. These periods maybe referred to "de-loading", "unloading" or "tapering". These weeks help athletes to adapt to training stress or conditions to achieve peak performance during competition. Examples include off-season breaks and rest days with training cycles. 


Who Benefits? 

Runners, Football players (running backs, linemen), baseball players (especially pitchers after weekend tournaments), basketball players, gymnasts, and dancers.


Sports Recovery Techniques can help you:

  • decrease soreness

  • lessen recovery time

  • prepare you to gear up for future performances


Recovery techniques can help to address issues before they become injuries. These are the same techniques professional athletes use to be game ready and perform at an elite level.


Sports Recovery can be a combination of techniques that are customized to your area(s) of concern. Treatments can be booked for 30 or 60 minutes with our Sports Physical Therapists.

Click on the links below to read more about each technique that we offer at our Algonquin, IL location.

Let our Expertise work for YOU!

Dedicated 1:1 treatment with same physical therapist. No techs ever.

50-60 minute treatment sessions.  Hands-on treatment every session.

Flexible scheduling options to meet your needs.

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