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Where We Train

Our Performance Facility

Athletic Edge and Wellness is nestled within the Illinois Baseball Edge Performance Facility, offering top-of-the-line equipment and training services for both physical therapy and performance enhancement clients. Our 3000 square foot astroturf facility provides an optimal space for various exercises and activities.


Our standout feature is the multi-use performance wall, offering a plethora of exercise options aimed at improving strength and endurance. Each of our 6 workstations is equipped with essential tools including dumbbells, steps, exercise balls, stretch cords, pull-up bars, TRX cables, and a variety of resistance bands. These versatile stations allow for comprehensive workouts targeting the legs, arms, and spine. Additionally, heavier duty cords are available for running-power development activities and enhancing lower body movement for pitching activities.


We pride ourselves on our wide array of speed and agility equipment, including ladders, cones, plyometric boxes (including foam), and Bosu balls. Our unique plyometric wall is particularly beneficial for athletes seeking to improve rotational power, speed, and coordination, making it an excellent training tool for baseball, golf, and football athletes. 

We offer a variety of balance and instability training which focuses on challenging the body's stability by introducing unpredictable or unsteady surfaces. By incorporating equipment like stability balls, balance boards, or Bosu balls, this training method engages a wide range of muscles, particularly those responsible for core stability. The body responds by activating smaller, stabilizing muscles that are often neglected in traditional strength training routines, leading to improved overall stability and core strength. Additionally, balance and instability training enhances proprioception, or the body's awareness of its position in space, which can translate to better coordination and reduced risk of injury in daily activities and sports.


Our facility also features a multi-purpose power rack complete with a squat rack, bench press, and deadlifting area, complemented by a variety of weights. For those looking to enhance reactivity and agility, we offer Blaze Pod Light Reactivity Training. This system utilizes interactive LED pods to enhance various aspects of physical performance, including hand-eye coordination and dynamic movement.


For softball and baseball athletes, we provide specialized tools such as throwing socks, throwing clubs, connection balls, and a variety of weighted balls for both physical therapy and performance therapy. These tools aid in establishing appropriate arm paths for returning to throwing, accompanied by target trainers for command work and the ability to perform live flat ground throwing and full-distance mound work.


Moreover, our facility boasts Flight Scope, a cutting-edge technology offering real-time data analytics and performance metrics for baseball players. Flight Scope utilizes radar technology to track the flight of the baseball, capturing data such as pitch velocity, spin rate, release point, trajectory, and ball break. This invaluable data aids in analyzing and improving performance, assessing pitching mechanics, and making real-time decisions for player development.


To aid in recovery and rehabilitation, we offer the Normatec Recovery System. This dynamic air compression therapy device is designed to enhance muscle recovery and maximize performance, making it an indispensable tool for athletes across various disciplines.


At Athletic Edge and Wellness, our integrated approach facilitates swift progression through injury rehabilitation, allowing clients to return to peak performance efficiently. Our customized treatment plans are designed to increase strength, improve mobility, and provide functional training tailored to individual sports and positions.


For our performance athletes, we provide a positive environment where skills can be elevated to the next level. The S.C.O.R.E. CARD, our proprietary musculoskeletal movement assessment, is utilized to identify areas of concern and prioritize exercise programming specific to individual weaknesses, sports, and positions.


Lastly, we offer a private treatment room for comfort and convenience, where manual therapy and medical massage services are available.


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