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Neck Pain and Headache Relief


Neck Pain & Headache Relief

Is your neck giving you a pain in your neck? Over one third of Americans suffer from neck pain. Neck pain can start out as an annoying ache, but quickly become sharp and more intense. Over time, neck pain may contribute to headaches. Often the neck can become stiff and cause a loss of range of motion, limiting your movement. Even simple activities like driving, looking down at your phone, and sitting up straight in your chair at work can become limited and painful. The bones, ligaments, and muscles of your neck must hold your head up all day, every day. Imagine your hand holding up a 10 pound bowling ball all day. That’s what your neck muscles must do!

Common Cause of Neck Pain and Headaches

Posture:  Your posture varies throughout the day and is influenced by lifestyle choices, poor biomechanics, weakness, and fatigue.  Everyday tasks such as driving, talking on your phone, how you sit at your computer and your sleep position can all be contributing to your neck pain.  Poor sitting posture is a common cause of neck pain, especially for those who sit the majority of the day.

Whiplash:  One of the most common injuries that results in neck pain is whiplash. It is known as a “strain” injury, caused by the head being jerked rapidly back-and-forth affecting the soft tissues in the neck.  Whiplash is typically sustained by a motor vehicle accident or high-impact sports collision.  Muscular spasm and tightness can occur.

Muscular Tightness: Stress at home or work can lead to tight muscles that contribute to neck pain and headaches.  This constant strain on tissues can create pain and stiffness in neck.  A sedentary lifestyle with too much sitting can contribute to tightness.

Pinched Nerve or Radiculitis:  The nerves that exit between the bones of the neck may become pinched due to inflammation, disc involvement, or tight muscles.  This often creates pain in neck, upper back, and shoulders.  Pain, numbness and tingling can occur and may radiate into the shoulder blade or down into the arm and hand.

Herniated/Bulging disc:  The neck is susceptible to a disk herniation just like the low back.  If the disc is protruding onto the nerve, it can send pain and tingling down the neck, upper back, shoulders and arm.  In severe cases, surgery may be indicated.

Degeneration (Degenerative Disc Disease or Degenerative Joint Disease)and Osteoarthritis:  Much like any other joints in your body,  the neck joints can erode with age, causing pain. Osteoarthritis can also reduce the cartilage between the vertebrae in the neck, which can result in moderate to severe pain.  Repeated trauma, poor posture, and genetics  may all influence symptoms.  While physical therapy will not cure degeneration, lifestyle changes and follow up care can help to prevent further inflammation and flare ups.

Headaches and Neck Pain Are Related!

Your physical therapist can help you to distinguish how your neck pain and headaches are related. There are different causes and types of headaches.  A common type of headache is a cervicogenic or tension headache which may be caused by the tightening of muscles in the back of the neck.  Poor posture is often a contributing factor. Headaches in the temporal region (or the side of your head) can be related to muscular tension or jaw (TMJ)  pain. Headaches in the front of your head can be related to sinus problems, myofascial pain, or eye strain.  Concussions can also cause headaches.  A physical therapist can help to distinguish between different types of headaches and the best intervention plan to help with your symptoms.  Some individuals may require a referral to another medical specialist.

How can Physical Therapy at Athletic Edge and Wellness help you with Neck Pain and Headaches?

Neck pain can interfere with your daily activities and reduce your quality of life if it’s not treated.  Fortunately, most causes of neck pain aren’t serious and improve with conservative treatment using physical therapy, exercise, and manual therapy techniques. Physical therapy can provide a holistic approach to pain that reduces the need for medications and injections. Early intervention through direct access can provide quick relief to your pain.

The Physical Therapists at Athletic Edge and Wellness in Algonquin, IL will perform a comprehensive evaluation to determine a treatment plan that is right for you and your condition.  The goal of therapy will be to restore normal joint range of motion, improve posture, increase strength, and improve your daily function.  They will be able to provide exercises to improve your posture, guidance on how to work safely at your computer or while at your job, and help you to return to activities you enjoy.

Physical Therapy at Athletic Edge and Wellness should be your first choice when seeking an intervention to relieve neck and headache pain.  Ignoring pain can lead to compensation and longer recovery times.  We can help you MOVE BETTER, PERFORM BETTER, and BE BETTER.  Reach out to us at 224-505-3343 today, to schedule your appointment at our state of the art performance center in Algonquin, IL and get on the path to healing.


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