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How can Athletic EDGE and Wellness HELP an ATHLETE?

Our team of highly trained and experienced therapists are committed to helping athletes of all levels recover from injuries and reach their optimal performance. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with technology that allows us to conduct comprehensive assessments and develop customized treatment plans that address the specific needs of each patient. Whether you're a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, our physical therapy services are designed to help you achieve your goals and get back in the game.


Our therapists have an average of 20 years of experience; we have treated hundreds of athletes over the years from multiple sports. This includes professional, collegiate, and Fox Valley Sports Conference athletes from Jacobs, Hampshire, Dundee-Crown, Huntley, Crystal Lake, Cary, and Elgin High Schools. We understand how to treat simple conditions to those requiring complex surgery and what it takes to get back on the field in top form. Let our experience work for YOU!

Physical Therapy in Algonquin, IL

Move Better.

Physical Therapy in Algonquin, IL

Perform Better.


As a Certified Champion Sports Performance Specialist we have the additional training and certification to treat your athlete. By training with the best minds across the country, we can provide consistent high-quality treatment that delivers faster results with excellent outcomes. As a Certified On Base University PITCHING and HITTING Expert we can help your Baseball Player get to the next level.  


We will provide you with the tools and education to empower you to take control of your rehab and recovery. Your home program will compliment your treatment in the clinic. We take the time to learn about your pain and symptoms,  complete a comprehensive exam, identify the root cause, and then move seamlessly into your treatment at your first visit! Walk out feeling better than you walked in!

Physical Therapy in Algonquin, IL

Be Better.

Physical Therapy in Algonquin, IL


Check out our amazing  5 star reviews and Hall of Fame Testimonial page!! Experience personalized care and attention with dedicated one on one 60 minute treatment sessions.  We are here to help you meet your short and long term goals . Our passion is getting you back to doing what you love doing in the fastest, most effective way possible. 


We are not a traditional physical therapy clinic. We do not provide a "cookie cutter" approach to treatment and do the same exercises each session. We are not going to treat "just the shoulder" or "the ankle".


We provide 1:1 care for 50 to 60 minutes with the same therapist each visit. You will not be "handed off to a tech" or be told "to run through your exercises". A custom plan of care will be designed for you that addresses relevant weak links, is specific to your sport, specific to your position, and your competition level. A progressive home program will compliment your treatment program. (For example: a baseball player has different needs than a football player and a pitcher has different needs than a catcher and a high school player has different needs than a youth athlete.) Your competition season is short, don't let an injury or discomfort take time away from doing what you love. We offer quick and flexible scheduling options, including weekends, to get you on the path to recovery.

Physical Therapy in Algonquin, IL
Physical Therapy in Algonquin, IL
Physical Therapy in Algonquin , IL
Physical Therapy in Algonquin, IL
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