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How We Treat

Performance Therapy


Performance Therapy is an emerging field in physical therapy and looks to bridge the gap between traditional physical therapy and performance training. It blends concepts from physical therapy, medical massage, speed/agility, and personal training.  Performance therapy is an integrated  360 degree approach that looks to maximize your physical capacity while correcting your weak links.

Many times patients are discharged from therapy and are not at their pre-injury or competition levels. Why is that?  It can be insurance limitations/restrictions, your therapist may lack the training and knowledge of your sport to get you to the next level, your therapist may not be giving you ENOUGH (hands on treatment, treatment variety, sports specific training, or individual attention)

If you only threw the ball 10x in therapy, how do you expect to play 7 innings of baseball? If you run for 5 minutes on a treadmill, how does this prepare you for 4 quarters of football? If you never did a push up, how can you do a handstand?

This can set up for re-injury, overuse, or other injuries. Even small changes in the body can have profound effect on how you move and ultimately how you perform. An area with dysfunction or imbalance can cause compensation and ultimately lead to altered movement or mechanics, aches and pain, and injury. 

Performance Therapy allows you can take your performance to the next level: making an elite team, transitioning to college athletics, achieving a personal best?


Be an ATHLETE FIRST. Those athletes who are in better shape are more resilient and less likely to be injured. You can't perform if you're on the bench due to an injury.

No amount of drills, coaching, or practice will correct underlying deficits in posture, mobility, or strength.

Our Approach to Performance


We begin with a thorough history and examination to determine the root cause of your problem. We identify areas of limited mobility, decreased strength, muscle imbalance, and impaired movement or mechanics. 


We establish  a plan of care which is aimed at the focused  performance need of your sport, your competition level, and the unique demands of your position. A baseball player has different needs than a football player. A pitcher has different needs than a catcher. 


Over a series of visits, we apply hands on treatment, with graded exercise progression, mobility work, strengthening exercises, and sports specific exercises.  Throughout this time, you will be given a customized home program to compliment your performance therapy.


This blended approach will focus on fundamental and complex movement drills and exercises that progress you to real life competition.  Exercises build on previous load and capacity while emphasizing

 correct form and technique. 

Get the EDGE you need

Performance Therapy in Algonquin, IL


Movement Dysfunction is caused by

  • Altered muscular balance (posture, asymmetries, stiffness)

  • Changes in vertical height during periods of growth or adding more lean mass in our growing athletes

  • Altered muscle recruitment (weakness, imbalance)

  • Joint mobility (too little motion, too much motion)

  • Soft tissue dysfunction (adhesions, muscle spasm, tension)

  • Poor body mechanics and form

  • Inflammation

  • Disease processes

  • Tissue trauma (surgery, injury)

  • Aging Process

  • Extrinsic factors (training/sports, overuse, repetitive movement, fatigue, and lifestyle)

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Who Benefits From Performance Therapy?

  • Have been discharged from physical therapy due to insurance limitations.

  • Unable to afford physical therapy due to a high deductible plan or have high copay/co-insurance.

  • Discharged from Physical Therapy without meeting your goals.

  • Discharged from Physical Therapy without integrating full body movement, biomechanics training, or sports specific drills. 

  • Transitioning your performance to the next level (playing in college, making an elite team, obtaining a personal best)

  • You feel you are not at your pre-injury performance levels or uncomfortable about return to the gym, or your recreational or competitive activities. 

  • Promote fitness, wellness, enhance your performance and prevent injury.

  • During offseason as an adjunct to your training 

  • Available for ALL ages, competition levels, and sports

  • Those looking to address their weaknesses and gain the competitive EDGE



What are Performance Therapy Techniques

Soft Tissue Techniques

Underlying soft tissue dysfunction or tightness can impair movement and cause compensation and ultimately pain.

3D Mobility

Develop the appropriate mobility and movement through dynamic stretching. More mobility creates more potential energy.

Core Training

Integration of core stability techniques to optimize power transfer from the legs to the arms. 

360 Degree Dynamic Strengthening

Muscles control movement in 360 degrees, your strengthening program should do the same.  Strength  utilizes the large muscles of your legs, the core, and upper body while incorporating essential movement patterns such as squatting, lunging, hinging, pushing and pulling. This includes dynamic balance activities which are the foundation for running and agility activities.  Isolated muscle groups and complex movements. 

Speed and Agility 

Drills to promote linear speed, lateral speed and changes in direction, landing techniques, as well as accelerated and deceleration drills.

Sports Specific Training

Based on the unique demands of your sport and position. Emphasis is taken to address correct form and body mechanics. 

Explosive Power

Develop vertical, linear, and rotational power through plyometrics, jumping, medicine balls, and kettlebells.

Injury Prevention

By correcting weak links and imbalances, one becomes a more durable athlete. ​

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