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How We Treat

Voodoo Flossing


Voodoo or Rock Floss is manual technique that has been shown to improve range of motion, fluid dynamics, decrease pain, and improve recovery in sports performance. It uses compression, shear, fluid pumping to "unstick" tight muscles.

By creating compressing and shearing in the underlying tissues, this can improve soft tissue mobility. Further effect may be added by the addition of active range of motion, weightbearing activities, and sports specific movements. 

Use of compression and movement (or flossing) can work on many different levels. It incorporates all the mobility systems simultaneously, having the potential to effect multiple surrounding structures including muscles, fascia tendons, joint capsules and nerves.

A large compression band tightly wrapped around the region of restriction, and you will asked to perform different movements to "floss" the area. It is normal to feel a little uncomfortable, especially during your first use. Following application, the skin can become quite red as blood flow returns to the treated area. This brings increased blood and oxygen to promote healing and mobility to the area.

You may even notice some leopard stripes (red marks) on your skin due to pinching from the band. If you feel unsure about the voodoo band flossing, or have any pre-existing conditions, you might want to talk to your healthcare provider before use.

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