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Physical Therapy & Sports Performance

Physical Therapy in Algonquin, IL

Helping Athletes  Rehab, Recover, Return to Play, and Perform at their BEST. 

Let us help you get BACK IN THE GAME and perform your best at our specialized Physical Therapy clinic in Algonquin, IL. We specialize in sports focused physical therapy for athletes seeking to rehab, recover, return to play, and perform their best. We provide athletes and active people with a unique and dynamic 360 degree approach to physical therapy and sports performance. 

Physical Therapy in Algonquin, IL

Providing athletes and active people with a unique holistic 360 degrees approach to Physical Therapy and Sports Performance

If you check any of these boxes - give us a call at our Algonquin, IL Location

recent, intermittent, or lingering pain.

prepping for a big competition (tournament, showcase, race, or performance).

repeated bouts of injuries or multiple trips to the doctor, chiropractor, or therapy.

discharged from therapy but doesn't know if the athlete is ready to resume practice/competition or get back to the gym or sporting activities?

discharged from therapy without fully meeting their goals.

feels limited in motion, strength, or activity levels.

 your physician never ordered physical therapy or brushed off your symptoms.

looking to get back to competition quickly/eliminate down time either in-season or with off-season training.

looking to take their performance to the next level.

needed to ice, use a brace, or take medication to get through the season.

discharged from therapy without fully meeting their goals.

unsure how to transition back to a fitness program/sports after injury or surgery.

discharged from therapy without including whole body movements or sports specific training. (you never ran, threw a ball, or performed agility drills)

Let us help you GET IN THE GAME and perform your best at your specialized physical therapy clinic in Algonquin, IL.


"I went to Kathy to see if she could help me return to my pre-injury form. She used Asytm therapy which broke up the scar tissue that was limiting by movement and my performance. She gave me specific exercises to address the weakness I had in my ankle and leg. After therapy with her, I was able to return shot put and discus that season, throwing better than ever. "

Alex P | Football

How We Treat

Physical Therapy Treatments & Methods

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Our Mission at Athletic Edge and Wellness is to provide specialized services of physical therapy and the rehabilitation science to enhance sports performance, prevent injury, and promote wellness through the continuum of ages, activities and competition levels.  We seek to foster and grow relationships and partnerships within our community, for together we are stronger.

Kathy Ceisel, Physical Therapist

Kathy Ceisel


Diane Newquist, Physical Therapist

Diane Newquist


Sports Performance & Movement Specialists



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