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Where We Train

Our Performance Facility

Athletic Edge and Wellness in located within the Illinois Baseball Performance Facility.   Our facility offers state of the art equipment and training for our physical therapy and performance clients.  Our one of kind multi-use performance wall offers a wide variety of exercise options to improve strength and endurance.  Our unique plyometric wall helps athletes  utilize full body strengthening to improve rotational power, develop speed and coordination needed for return to sports.  


Our integrated physical therapy approach allows our patients and athletes to progress quickly through the injury rehabilitation process so you can return to top performance.  Your customized treatment plan will be designed to increase strength, improve mobility, and alleviate pain to get you back to doing to the activities you love.


For our performance athletes,  we offer a  positive environment where athletes can elevate their skills to next  level. Each athlete is evaluated with our home grown S.C.O.R.E  movement assessment.   This assessment allows us to identify areas of weakness and concern.  From there, we can then prioritize exercise programming;  training systems specific to the individual athletes weaknesses, their sport, and their position.

A private treatment room is also available for your comfort and manual therapy. 

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