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Physical Therapy in Algonquin, IL

Physical Therapy & Sports Performance

Physical Therapy Clinic Located in Algonquin, IL

Let us help you get BACK IN THE GAME and perform your best at our specialized physical therapy clinic in Algonquin, IL. We specialize in sports focused physical therapy for athletes seeking to rehab, recover, return to play and perform their best. We provide athletes and active people with a unique 360 degrees approach to physical therapy and sports performance. 

Helping Athletes  Rehab,  Recover,  Return to Play,  and Perform at their BEST. 

Specialized Physical Therapy in Algonquin, Illinois

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Providing athletes and active people with a unique holistic 360 degrees approach to Physical Therapy and Sports Performance

What sets us apart from other physical therapy providers? As a Champion Performance Specialist, we utilize the same treatment programs as used by the PROS to get you back on the field fast. Athletic Edge and Wellness treats athletes of all ages, from a variety of sports, and competition levels. From the weekend warrior to the professional athlete and everything in between, we have you covered.  

Don't let an injury or pain, discomfort or soreness sideline you. Whether you twisted your ankle playing football, tweaked your back during gymnastics, or hurt your arm throwing a baseball, we can help you get on the path of recovery quickly.

After a full body evaluation, a comprehensive plan of care will be designed around your goals, your sport, and your position (A football player has different needs than a baseball player and a catcher has different needs than a pitcher). Return to sports involves a holistic approach and anything less than that will delay your return. We believe in a rest from "abuse" perspective vs a being shut down from activity. 


This customized plan of care will include a variety of treatment techniques to enhance the therapeutic process, decrease pain, and promote the healing: hands-on manual therapy with the graded and progressive integration of mobility, strengthening, and sports specific training. Your home program will compliment your treatment program at our state of the art performance center in Algonquin, Il

Make your COME BACK now with

Athletic Edge and Wellness Physical Therapy

If you check any of these boxes - give us a call to schedule in our Algonquin, IL location:

  • recent, intermittent, or lingering pain.

  • looking to get back to competition quickly/eliminate down time either in-season or with off season training. 

  • prepping for a big competition (tournament, showcase, race, or performance).

  • looking to take their performance to the next level.

  • repeated bouts of injuries or multiple trips to the doctor, chiropractor, or therapy.

  • needed to ice, use a brace, or take medication to get through the season.

  • discharged from therapy but doesn't know if the athlete is ready to resume practice/competition or get back to the gym or sporting activities?

  • discharged from therapy without fully meeting their goals.

  • unsure how to transition back to to fitness program/sports after injury or surgery.

  • feels limited in motion, strength, or activity levels.

  • discharged from therapy without including whole body movements or sports specific training. (you never ran, threw a ball, or performed agility drills)

  • physician never ordered physical therapy or brushed off your symptoms.


Let us help you get BACK IN THE GAME and perform your best at our specialized physical therapy clinic in Algonquin, IL.



Kathleen Ryan-Ciesel, Physical Therapist

Kathleen Ryan - Ceisel, PT MHS

  • Certified Sports Performance Specialist

  • Certified On Base University Pitching Expert

  • Certified On Base University Hitting Expert

  • Astym

  • Functional Movement Screen

  • Selective Functional Movement Assessment

  • Applied Functional Science

  • Rock Tape/Kineseotape

  • Rock Pods and Rock Floss

  • Functional Movement Techniques, Basic and Performance

  • Gary Gray 3D MAPS

  • APTA Advanced Clinical Instructor

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